The Art of Economy


A symposium on the triangular relations between decentralized blockchain technology, architecture and the office-form. A partner event of the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2015, hosted by Future Firm.


Panel 1: Spatial Politics of the Blockchain

Whith presentations by: Mohammad Salemy (The New Centre), Troy Therrien (Guggenheim Museum), Nick Land (CCRU) and Laura Lotti (UNSW). 


Panel 2: Decentralized Labor Practices Distributed Production Networks

With presentations by: Kristoffer Josefsson (BlockApps), Dan Taeyoung (Columbia GSAPP), Manuel Shvartzberg (The Architecture Lobby), Jake Hamilton (Flatiron School) and Marina Otero Verzier (Het Nieuwe Instituut/ OAT 2016).



Credits: "The Art of Economy" by FOAM DAO. Hosted by Future Firm. Moderated by Nick Axel. Broadcasted and Recorded by The New Center for Research & Practice. Special thank you for support from the Chicago Architecture Biennale.