Foamspace was a temporary and mobile installation built for the 2015 IDEAS City Festival at the New Museum for Contemporary Art and winner of the 2015 Storefront for Art and Architecture Street Architecture Competition. Foamspace sought to confront the architectural community by displaying this megastructure and provoking conversation about the impact of blockchain technology on the architect’s instruments of service.

Foamspace captured and stored value generated during the festival to organize a new community of architects and mobilize this value on another site—producing the next iteration of the project, as well as a symposium and partner event at the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Mobility, in this case, defined not by any particular architectural form, but by the activity it generated.

Before the installation of Foamspace, a free digital “wallet” was created. Anyone could sign up for this wallet in order to obtain a unique address and receive a Foamspace Coin, which could then be traded and tracked on the Bitcoin blockchain—serving as a token of membership in the virtual community.




Credits: "Foamspace" by SecondMedia. Design team: Ryan John King, Ekaterina Zavyalova, Bettty Fan and Nikolay Martynov. Project Documentation: Varvara Domnenko.