A/D/O Installation Proposal


FOAM DAO was invited and shortlisted by A/D/O to propose and an installation for their opening program "Utopia vs. Dystopia". 

A/D/O is a new space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by BMW/MINI designed by nARCHITECTS as a creative community hub devoted to "exploring new boundaries in design, and providing a home for pioneering work and a forum for interdisciplinary debate.

Our proposal, the Myco Platform is a digital and physical platform for cultivating networks of designers. The Myco Platform enables designers to connect and collaborate with each other, register for A/D/O membership and become

The Myco Platform occupies the entire room and is grown from zero-carbon mushroom building materials. When the root-like interwoven threads of fungi, called Mycelium, are mixed with agricultural waste, solid molds of Myco-Foam can be produced as a rapidly renewable low energy resource. 

Cuts in the physical platform produce communal gathering pods. The pods are subdued spaces, sunk into the ground and surrounded vertically by fabric columns for privacy, meetings and events. Projected on the fabric is the architecture of the Mycelium material, which looks like an open network, a living organism as sentient web, resembling the connections and networks to be assembled at A/D/O.

The largest meeting pod is found underneath the Periscope, where the public and members can collectively gather underneath and the platform draws people in from the outside to stimulate the network.

The digital Myco Platform will serve as a tool for all levels of A/D/O members. Users can track events and workshops and level up their accounts by attending the Design Academy, collect more tokens and engage in not only the A/D/O space, but the growing networks of designers as well. 


Credits: "Myco Platform" by FOAM DAO. Design Team: Ryan John King and Ekaterina Zavyalova. Produced for A/D/O.